The Spirit of Tamworth

About  ‘The Spirit of Tamworth’ Statue

The ‘Spirit of Tamworth’ project is to provide a bronze statue of a Saxon King made by Sculptor Peter Walker. It will be 8 ft. in height and will be sited almost at a ground level enabling Tamworth people and visitors to interact with and take photographs promoting the heritage, identity and tourism for the city. The bronze is aimed to be placed at Ladybridge, at the base of the historic ancient castle site and inviting visitors into the city.  

Historic purpose 

The idea of providing a bronze statue of a Saxon King is to promote the Saxon History of Tamworth, in the county of Staffordshire, England, The Saxons arrived around the year 410AD following the departure of Roman legions from Britain which  after 400 years The Roman Emperor Honorius’s took the decision not to defend the country known as Britain following attacks by Germanic Anglo-Saxon tribes from Northern Germany who made Tamworth their capital town calling this and the area they oversaw Mercia.  It is understood there were six different Kingdoms across the country known as Britain; Kent; Sussex; Wessex; Northumberland; East Anglia and of course The Kingdom of Mercia which was the largest and most important of the Kingdoms. Around at the time. When Alfred the Great became King, who unified the country known today as England. 

You can now go and see the model for ‘The Spirit of Tamworth’ Sculpture at Tamworth Castle celebrating all that is Anglo Saxon.  Above is Clara Carlos Duty Manager and Historian admiring the work at Tamworth Castle & Museum.