Light of Hope Star – Lichfield Cathedral

Light of Hope Star – Lichfield Cathedral – 2020

The Light of Hope Star is a 5m steel sculpture in the shape of a star suspended with changing neon lights. 

The star, a symbol of divine guidance, protection and oneness is here created in a contemporary way. Created as a final sculpture for ‘The Light of Hope’ mass participation project in 2020 that incorporated 7 UK Cathedrals sending beams of light up into the night sky as beacons of hope during the Covid 19 pandemic.  The Light of Hope Project was created and produced by Peter Walker Sculptor and also included a mass participation engagement project with 140 schools who made individual lights of hope sculptures for the project.

 “At this time we can acknowledge people throughout the ages who were beacons of light and hope for many and give thanks for our departed friends and relatives, Light of Hope therefore has resonance to the situation we are all facing as part of the ongoing pandemic.” Peter Walker 2020

The final element to the project was the creation of the Light of Hope Star as a sculpture and it was first seen at Lichfield Cathedral during Advent and Christmas in 2020 offering viewers chance to reflect and have a symbol of hope during the pandemic. 

“very touching and a wonderful way to bring hope back into the community’

The Federation of Heathfields Infant and Wilnecote Junior Academy

The Light of Hope Star saw its first installation at Lichfield Cathedral through December 2020 to end January 2021. The installation of the 5m star is the final stage of a 3 part project supported by the Art Council England.

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