‘Pity of War’

Pity of War – Peter Walker Sculptor – at Sheffield Cathedral

‘The Pity of War’ is an artwork created to give recognition and invoke contemplation over the many lives lost due to war. The art work shows a very poignant and moving iconic image representing the civilian victims of war. The monument design and creation is by the sculptor, Peter Walker.

The artist has chosen to portray the pity of war through the removal and abstraction of features, representing this symbolically through the simplistic portrait of a young child, eyes bound and mouth silenced. The sculpture stands as recognition of unspoken stories and unseen memories that are so often unacknowledged and under-represented.

The memorial is to the nameless, voiceless and forgotten individuals affected by war and conflict and will be cast in the form of a 2m bronze sculpture by the Sculptor Peter Walker which will be sited at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

The Pity of War charity was set up to raise awareness of the impact of war on civilians, through the creation of this memorial and further outreach through an educational programme to raise awareness of the physical, psychological, social, educational, economic and cultural effects of war upon the civilian population.

The maquette of the sculpture has been on tour around the UK, with the maquette already seen by thousands at locations such as Portsmouth (Museum of the Royal Navy), English Cathedrals; Chester, Salisbury, Coventry, Oxford, Lichfield, St Albans, and venues in Hay on Wye, London, and in Limburg, Germany.

The Pity of War maquette is now also permanently on display at The British Embassy in Paris and Dubai, at The Basilica of St Mary in Minnesota USA, and in the UK at Chester Cathedral, University Church Oxford and Liverpool Cathedral.

Furthermore the project has also been collecting stories from those who have been affected by conflicts past and present, gathering thoughts from those who survived the blitz and sharing let-ters from Syrian refugees.

Paul Rogers, Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies, University of Bradford showed his sup-port for the Pity of War project:

“If half the people killed by wars are civilians, shouldn’t half the war memorials be to civilians? This is a hugely welcome initiative which should serve as a powerful reminder of the terrible costs of war to civilians. The old saying ‘If war is the answer it must be a very stupid question’ has never been more true than now.”

Fundraising is underway and people can donate to the project via www.justgiving.com/pityofwar

Website: PityofWar.org


Facebook: @Pityofwarstatue

Contact: Kit Byatt (chair of trustees) via press@pityofwar.org

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