Light of Hope

The Light of Hope project was created and produced by Peter Walker Sculptor as a mass participation Installation Artwork.

The Light of Hope project began in 2020 and has incorporated many UK Cathedrals.  In 2020 Peter created beams of light that were shone into the night sky as beacons of hope during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  A final sculptural artwork entitled the Light of Hope star was also created as a sculpture to unify and represent. Individual artworks were also made by schoolchildren who participated in the Light of Hope outreach elements of the project.

SALISBURY, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 30: “Light of Hope” illuminates Salisbury Cathedral on October 30, 2020 in Salisbury, England. During All Saints’ Tide, Salisbury Cathedral joins with other cathedrals across the country to illuminate the sky, standing out as a beacon of hope in difficult times. Salisbury’s iconic Spire illuminated from All Saint’s Eve (Saturday 31 October) until All Souls’ Day (Monday 2 November), with intersecting light beams rising from the Cathedral roof to form a pyramid around the famous landmark. The Light of Hope project was devised by light artist Peter Walker and is supported by Arts Council England. (Photo by Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images)

Light of Hope is a unique installation created in 2020 across 7 national cathedrals and one church creating simultaneous happenings at the same time in November 2020. Beams of light were cast into the sky at Carlisle, Exeter, Salisbury, Ely, Lichfield, Liverpool and Chelmsford Cathedrals alongside All Saints Church in Wellington. See by tens of thousands of people the artwork was designed as a sign of Hope for All Saintstide 2020 during the pandemic. The project was supported by the Arts Council England.

Salisbury Cathedral installed the artwork for a period of 30 days.

An additional element worked with 20000+ children across 140 schools to create their own Light of Hope sculptures. the project was supported by the Arts Council England

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