Identity – We are all together – Liverpool Cathedral

Identity – We are all together – Liverpool Cathedral – 28th July – 3rd September 2023

The sculpture explores the concept of who we are, what defines us as a person or within a collective group.  Our identity may be shaped by characteristics we are born with such as; eye colour, race, gender or characteristics which develop over time; our personality, interests, and beliefs. 

This artwork has engaged 3,000 people who wanted to participate in the creation of this artwork, sitting for the artist in the first ever photo booth within a Cathedral and had their self portraits captured in 2022. 

Now the images are brought together in one collective artwork ‘Identity: We are all together’.  The Sculpture explores the fascinating similarities and differences we all have in one unique exploration into who we are, what face we choose to show the world, what it means to be an individual, and ask what it means to be part of a community in a wider context. 

The sculptural artwork is made up of seven 25m high columns using colour, texture, form, light and sound.  Each column has photographic self portraits hanging to appear symbolic of the DNA structure within all of us.

The number 7 was symbolic in ancient literature, religion and culture and it has the meaning associated with ‘completeness’ and unity with the four corners of the earth and the holy trinity.  There are seven fruits of the holy spirit, 7 deadly sins. 

The light and colours used within the artwork symbolise all the colours of individuality. 

The music by Composer David Harper represents ‘Identity’ in a bespoke contemporary musical composition that harmonises with the visual representation.

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