“Hope Leaf”

Each leaf will be individually produced and shaped by hand

Includes signed certificate of authentication signed by the artist

Price includes free delivery (in the UK only) and VAT

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery as each leaf is individually produced.

PRICE – £25.00

The Leaves are produced in small batches and are laser cut. They are each individually made and shaped and during this process the lettering and the surface are checked. The leaves are produced in mild steel and as such customers should not expect a polished finish and may find small scratches or marks on the surfaces. This is part of the artwork production and is to be expected due to the material that the artist has chosen to use. Each leaf is bespoke and should be seen as such and hand bent and shaped individually by the artist.  The artist has checked and approved every leaf and they are as he wishes them to be at the point of sale.  The leaves as with the original artwork may begin to rust over time – this again is part of the artwork and part of the artists development of the project. The natural process reflects the meaning of the artwork – This again is part of the artists choice of the material”