Journey to the Cross – St Albans Cathedral

Journey to the Cross – St Albans Cathedral – 3rd March – 8th April 2022

Through this diverse contemporary exhibition viewers are being offered a new insight into the meaning of the stations of the cross through engaging with an artist’s creative process, leading the viewer through each part of the story of the journey as well as the artistic journey of re-imagining these moments through contemporary fine art. 

This collection of original paintings, sculpture and digital artwork, offer the opportunity for viewers to experience and explore profound human moments shoulder to shoulder with the artist.  Peter Walker’s artwork is designed to evoke emotion with the use of colour, symbolism and abstraction.  Each artwork looks at a particular scenario that occurred along Christ’s Journey to the Cross.

Peter Walker says “Art allows us to explore such significant moments and to engage directly with our own emotions, with the relationship to the narrative depicted and to consider our place in the world.” 

What people said:

“Very powerful and immensely moving”

“The stations of the cross are both unusual and beautiful.  The use of film for stations 10-13 is particularly moving and the death of Christ is a simple yet beautiful piece full of emotion, one of the best stations I have seen.” 

“A beautiful but very moving masterpiece.”

“Dramatic, thought provoking”.