The City

Lichfield – The City

In 2015 as part of the City as Sculpture project – Peter in line with the development of art history defined the City Centre of Lichfield as a sculptural artwork. Art histories precedence has led to this creative response to the way in which society functions beyond the daily routing and how observation of life through an artists eye can lead from the canvas to the lens to the act of seeing the world manifest in front of the artist as a complete artwork in itself.

“Art has been devoid of limits for the past 100 years, with many processes in the artistic output of generations leading creative process in a multiplicity of directions. The found object is rightful in the hands of an artist an artwork in its own right and the evolution from the inception of this concept to the present day clear leads beyond the requirement to commit an act of mark making and to the act of seeing a ready made landscape formed before the artists. It is only if the artist truly believes in the act that this definition produces a work in itself – and as such the creation of The City as an artwork is a clear creative act. It is not an act of ownership of the space and the material existence, it is an act of presenting within the view of the spectator a way of seeing the specific environment as an artwork, a conceptually realised appreciation of the layering of history. Much in the same way as a marble slab is laid before the sculptor to carve, the existent world before the artist is a raw material to which the act of implementing a creative thought or action applies. I do not appreciate that another location could be a appreciated in the same manner and that the act of this creative undertaking is a singular act”.

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